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Rest assured, it's all a big coincidence. The Gibson Brothers are no relation to the Gibson company, makers of the signature banjos and mandolins of bluegrass music. And they are truly brothers who sang bluegrass long before O Brother, Where Art Thou? made bluegrass cool again.
But that doesn't mean that Eric and Leigh Gibson of upstate New York aren't a traveling, singing endorsement for bluegrass music in the 21st century. Not only are they carrying on the decades-old tradition of the brother harmony duo, they're adding to the canon with skilled songwriting and an open-minded approach to the music they fell in love with years ago.
Long Way Back Home is the Gibsons' second album for Sugar Hill and the sixth of their career. Following close on the heels of their acclaimed 2003 album Bona Fide, the new CD will convince critics and fans alike that the Gibson Brothers named Emerging Artists of the Year at the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards in 1998 have indeed emerged as one of the most distinguished and distinctive acts in roots music.

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