• Colours
  • Easy listening, All-round
The Colours Live Music Band is a well-established international group of musicians performing regularly since the beginning of 2015 in the Leiden-Den Haag-Katwijk area. They are composed of semi-acoustic guitars, bass, percussions and vocals. 
Colours is available for you to share their vast repertoire of international music, suitable for all tastes...from Brazilian and Portuguese rhythms, to intriguing Italian sounds...from blues and light jazz to rock 'n roll and pop.
A musical voyage from the incredible 60's all the way through today...everything included for lots of fun for everyone.
Wish to spend an unforgettable time in company of Luciana, Joaquim, Rogier, Rene', Cees and their music? Colours Live Music Band is the right name for you.

Colours can also be booked as a duo or trio

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