Exhibition Pindakaashaas 2006

21 november 2006
On Friday the 17th of November, the exhibition ‘Pindakaashaas’ of Marc de Bruin had been opened in SPOOR 19 in Leiden. During the opening, Jan Kiewiet de Jonge (saxophone) and Frank Dijkstra (keyboards) gave a performance.

Marc de Bruijn is a famous Outsider artist in Holland and abroad. These days, the work of Marc de Bruijn is presented worldwide and bought by a lot of big art collectors and galleries.
Recently, Marc exhibited at the Van der Plas Gallery in New York. In 2007 he has two other expositions in New York. Besides New York, he presented his work also in San Francisco.

SPOOR 19 is the gallery and exhibition place for and of Outsider Art. All the presented works in SPOOR 19 are of a high quality.
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