Wild Bill and the Invisble Men

  • Wild Bill and the Invisble Men
  • Jazz
The bands name was inspired by the Tarantino movies; Kill Bill part I & II, and the popular 70-ies tv-series The Invisible Man. Being part of the first real tv-generation, the band combined the two, ending up with something that sounds like an action-packed B-movie.
In musical terms we hope we have achieved just that.

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Both film & tv music play an important role in the compositions, but the unique sound of the band is rooted in some other musical influences as well; country & western-, blues-, gospel-, Latin-, classical- and jazz music, to name a few. When the band premiered in march 2004, the reactions where unanimously positive and public attention has been growing ever since. In December of 2004 they recorded their first CD.

We hope you will take the time to get to know and listen to this fantastic band and enjoy its music.


"Een waardige trombone-leerling van Art Moore, goed en overal inzetbaar !"
Rene Laanen